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20-21 June 2018, Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria


  • Seminar Venue:

The Hofburg Palace
Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien, Austria
Phone +43 1 5873666


General opening hours on the Seminar days:

Wednesday, 20 June: 07:30 to 18:00
Thursday, 21 June: 08:00 to 15:00


  • Registration:


Press and Participants‘ bagde pick-up:
Tuesday, 19 June 12:00 – 20:00
Wednesday, 20 June 07:30 – 18:00
Thursday, 21 June 08.00 – 12:00

Please make sure to show your ‘confirmation of registration‘ email alongside a valid identity document with photo (passport, ID or similar) upon registration at the event.
Media is kindly requested to provide a valid press ID.

Security checks will be performed strictly over the 2 days, therefore please wear your badge visible at all times (during seminar and gatherings) to ensure your identification in case of urgent messages and as a courtesy to other participants.


  • Internet Access via WIFI


All Seminar participants will have access to the internet via WIFI at the Hofburg.

Network: HofburgSecured
Passwort: opec2018


  • Cloakroom:


In the interest of security and safety, all participants and delegations are requested to store their luggage and / or large bags in the cloakroom.

The cloakroom is located on the right hand side in the main registration area.


  • Seminar Presentations:

Presentations will be uploaded onto the Seminar website after the Seminar.


  • Kindly note:

The Plenary Room (Festsaal) will be cleared at the end of the day so please do not leave any items in the Plenary Room overnight.


  • Emergency Procedures: Fire / Bomb / Threat


  • Hofburg: In case of a fire, an alarm (a continuous high pitched siren) will sound and you will be required to follow the green signs to the emergency exits and to gather outside on the Heldenplatz around the Erzherzog Karl memorial.
  • City Hall: In case of a fire, you will be required to follow the instructions of the onsite fire brigade.
  • Medical support:In case of a medical emergency, a doctor will be on site. The doctor's room is located on the ground floor of the Hofburg.


  • Prayer Room:

A room for prayers is available and located in the Hofburg (Entreezimmer). For further information on how to find the location, please get in contact with a member of the organizing staff, or ask directly at the registration desk.


  • Smoking:

Kindly note that smoking is only permitted outside the Hofburg Palace.


  • Gala Dinner at the City Hall (Rathaus):

The United Arab Emirates are hosting a Gala Dinner at the Vienna City Hall on Wednesday, 20 June.
Admission starts from 19:00 and the official beginning is at 19:30. This event will be the perfect occasion for casual discussions and networking. Furthermore, on the occasion of the Gala Dinner the prestigious OPEC Awards will take place making this a truly unforgettable evening.


  • Where: Vienna City Hall (Rathaus)
  • Lichtenfelsgasse 2, 1010 Wien
  • When: 19:30 – 22:00
  • Dress Code: casual formal or you are welcome to wear your national dress
  • Note: Participation / Entrance only upon invitation



  • Note to Speakers:
Graphics/imagery will be presented on an LED-screen and therefore certain guidelines apply in order for graphics to be readable and completely visible on the screen. 
  • 16:9:  make sure your PowerPoint or graphic has a 16:9 format or is produced in HD 1920x1080 (72px resolution)
  • Limit bullet points and text: Max 10 lines or bullets of text per slide. (see also fonts and sizes further down)
  • Lines and line charts: Avoid using graphics that are difficult to read. For example, bright colors and thin lines on a white background and a small font make a graph hard to
    read. It would be very difficult to see, especially in the back of the room.

    Lines should not be smaller than 3 or 4 pixels.
  • Graphic color contrast: Don't use light grey in front of white, or yellow in front of green, or purple on blue. Make the foreground and background "pop" by using contrasting colors.
  • Fonts and sizes: Make your font readable from far away. No text smaller than 18 points. 
    A good test is if you can still read your prepared graphic if you step about 4m back from your computer-screen.
  • Don't fill your slide: In order for our technicians to be able to fit your graphic nicely on the large screen, please allow 5% of "non-content"-border as an "action-safe"-area.
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